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Thanksgiving Holiday and Solid Waste Collection Schedule - click here

Once Per Week Residential Trash Collection Now Underway -
The Town of Kill Devil Hills’ annual Once-Per-Week residential trash collection  on Monday, November 3, 2014. During this Once-Per-Week collection period, citizens on the east side of U.S. 158 (bypass) will receive service on Mondays and citizens on the west side of highway U.S. 158 will receive service on Tuesdays. Please place your rollout container at the curb the night before your collection day.

For additional information, please call the Town’s Public Services Office at 252-480-4080.

Flood Insurance for Business:  Impacts of Recent Legislation - The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is in the process of implementing reforms required by the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 and the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.  Although the 2014 law repeals or modifies some of the provisions of Biggert-Waters, it maintains the requirement that flood insurance rates for business properties in high-risk areas reflect true risk.  This means that the subsidized rates that previously applied to some older business buildings will continue to be phased out.

Follow this link to access additional update information on this important matter.

Flood Insurance for Residential dwellings: How Recent Legislative Changes Affect Flood Insurance - Follow this link to access information about the reforms affecting owners of residential structures. 

This Website – Over the next several months, we will be revamping Kill Devil Hills' website, giving it a face lift, adding some features, and taking away others that weren't as successful as we had hoped when the site was first created nearly ten years ago.  Please bear with us as we make these changes and if you have specific concerns or comments you may direct them to Mary E. Quidley, Kill Devil Hills Town Clerk, , 252.449.5302.

Information Videos on Beach Nourishment are available:

Main Beach Nourishment Video: 

Pitt Stop: Disruption Issues - 

Pitt Stop: Environmental Issues - 

Pitt Stop: Sand in the System –

 Pitt Stop: Redevelopment Questions -

June 9, 2014 Beach Nourishment PowerPoint -

lide show in PDF format, shown to the Board of Commissioners during regular meeting by Coastal Planning & Engineering representative Ken Willson.  Click here to access the slide show.            

Based on the best information available to date, the Town anticipates the municipal tax rate (not the Dare County tax rate) to raise approximately 10% Town wide to pay for sand on our northern ocean beaches. 

In addition, oceanfront properties where sand is to be placed should expect their tax rates (again, the municipal tax rate only, not the Dare County tax rate) to double.  These taxes would be necessary for a minimum of five years.  

Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners meetings are broadcast on the Government Channel - As a reminder, if KDH viewers do not have cable access, no problem! The Government Channel streams online 24/7 with the same programming as the broadcast channel.  Bookmark the following link: or visit the Dare County website at and click on the “Government Channel” link at the bottom of the webpage.

No cable?  No problem!  The Government Channel streams online 24/7 to anywhere in the world!  Bookmark Government Channel Online Streaming 24/7 or visit and select The Government Channel logo at the bottom of the page. 

Government Channel YouTube  - The Government Channel also has a YouTube page, which has the Destination Dare episodes and Kill Devil Hills segments individually uploaded so anyone can watch them anytime!

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