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Friday, June 23, 2017 
New Beach Nourishment Video Released

Current TV just released the latest beach nourishment video, with information about Duck, Kill Devil Hills, and the Dare County beach nourishment project just north of Buxton.  Just click the arrow on the screen to the right to take a look!

And, don't forget, Dare County's interactive beach nourishment map for the Kill Devil Hills project  is available by clicking here.   

Beach Nourishment 
Update #2 for June 22, 2017

Beach nourishment in Kill Devil Hills began this evening at approximately 6:00 p.m.  as the first sand began being pumped onto the beach in the vicinity of the Helga Street ocean access.

We extend our best wishes for a successful project to the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock crews and our engineers from CB&I. 

For your safety, please refrain from entering any of the active construction sites and obey all signs posted in the vicinity of the construction sites.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beach Nourishment Update

There will continue to be increased traffic related to the beach nourishment project at the Helga Street beach access.  

Additional information on Kill Devil Hills’ beach nourishment project can be obtained at Dare County’s website and at Kill Devil Hills’ website  Anyone with questions please call the Administration Department at 252.449.5300 or Town Clerk Mary Quidley at 252.449.5302.

For your safety, please refrain from entering any of the active construction sites and obey all signs posted in the vicinity of the construction sites.


At this time, the Helga Street ocean access and the beach area is closed for use from 3123 North Virginia Dare Trail to 3213 North Virginia Dare Trail as Great Lakes Dredge and Dock continues to prepare for sand pumping in this area.   

The photo below is of the area around the Helga Street ocean access. 
beach closed

Monday, June 19, 2017

Signs We Will Use During the Beach Nourishment Construction Project to: 

  • Close a Beach Access 
  • Warn of Limited Beach Access 
  • Recommend No Diving at Wreck Sites


Wreck Diving

During beach nourishment diving at the Triangle Wrecks off East Second Street, or the surf wreck near the Croatan Surf Club is not recommended.  There is a potential for boat traffic between the shore and the dredge(s), pipe lines being located under water.  Please exercise all caution and practice safety measures, including following the requirements in

NCGS 75A-13.1 Skin and scuba divers:  a diver's flag is required.


beach renourisment diving

Friday, June 16, 2017

Congratulations to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock and project engineers CB&I - the first sub(merged) line for beach nourishment is in!  I’ve attached the following pictures to make them easier for ya’ll to share.  The first subline is located landward of the surfline at the Helga Street access, which is the staging area for Kill Devil Hills’ beach nourishment project; a second subline will be installed soon more towards the south end of the project, in the vicinity of Coral and Landing Drives.  Additional sublines will be laid as the project progresses.


Equipment mobilization will begin at the Helga Street beach nourishment staging area over this weekend, June 17th and 18th.  Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists:  please be vigilant in this area and be prepared for traffic delays. 

Beach nourishment sand pumping could begin as early as five days from June 16th at the north end of Kill Devil Hills’ beaches.  Equipment mobilization for the duration of the beach nourishment project may be expected daily.  It is critically important to remember that this project is fluid.  There are no firm dates to provide those wanting to know when beach nourishment is going to be in front of their property, or their rental.  When nourishment begins in Kill Devil Hills, daily location updates can be found at the website on the interactive map Dare County developed.  We will be providing more frequent e-mail updates and/or releases throughout the project.

Regarding diving at the Triangle Wrecks off Second Street, and the surf wreck at the Croatan Surf Club:   Beach Nourishment Construction:  Wreck Diving Not Recommended And May Be Dangerous.  The Town of Kill Devil Hills will be installing warning signs at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Streets stating this message; a notice will be placed on the Town’s Facebook pages, website, and distributed electronically.  We are asking your agencies to also share this information.  Safety is of critical importance. 

If we can be of help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

This information is not binding and is meant to provide estimated construction times for planning purposes.  The beach nourishment start dates are subject to change.     

General information Regarding the Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment Project

                        Mary E. Quidley, Town Clerk, 252-449-5302,
Harriet Banner, Administrative Assistant, 252-449-5301,
Michael O’Dell, Administrative Specialist, 252-449-5306,
Rachel Hermann, Office Assistant, 252-449-5300,

            Technical Information Regarding the Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment Project

                        Meredith Guns, Planning Director, 252-449-5318,

KDH Fire Suppression Rating - Fire Department Achieves Class 3 Rating 

The KDH Fire Department was recently reviewed by the North Carolina Insurance Services Office, Inc., which provides information to insurance companies about fire protection in communities across the State. The department had strong scores in all sections of the review. With this rating reduction, our property owners could see a real, tangible benefit in the reduction of fire insurance costs.  
          The new Class 3 rating is a testament to the Town’s commitments to infrastructure improvements and apparatus acquisitions, and to the dedication of our firefighters who complete required and intensive training, improve response times, and actively seek areas for service improvements.  Congratulations to all!
KDHFD    Class 3

Public Hearing Set for June 28, 2017

For a downloadable and printable version: Public Hearing Notice

6.28.2017 Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners Notice of Public Hearing

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