Flood Prevention, Protection, Maps & Other Flood-Related Information

This portion of the Town’s website provides you with a variety of supplemental information in regards to flooding, preparedness, insurance protection, and recovery.  Here are some quick facts that are more fully addressed along the left sidebar.  

  • Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover flood damage.
  • If you rent, you are not covered by the home owner’s insurance for your belongings – you need to purchase flood insurance to cover your own personal property.
  • Know your location – determine your property’s flood zone information from FEMA issued flood maps.
  • Have a PLAN – whether hurricanes, nor’easters or other storm event, protect yourself and your belongings from flood/storm damage and have an evacuation plan.
  • Learn more – check out the resources we’ve offered on this site.  Come to the Planning Department and see what additional information we may have that would be of value to you and your family during potential flood events.
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New Multi-Jurisdiction Flood Brochure

Know Your Zone - 

Learn About Flood Risks On the Outer Banks and How to Protect Your Property

To watch Planning Director Meredith Guns' update to the Board of Commissioners on flood damage prevention and protection, you can follow either of these links:  

You can stream it on any device as it airs at:  http://currenttv.org/watch-government-live/

You can watch it on demand at: https://youtu.be/opfQC1zJOXs

Flood Prevention, Protection, Maps & Other Flood-Related Information

Much of the Town of Kill Devil Hills is located within a Special Flood Hazard Area and is susceptible to flooding from a variety of sources including nor’easters, tropical storms, hurricanes and prolonged rain events.  It is important to know and understand what flood zone your property is located within to determine the associated risk.

Kill Devil Hills participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) which makes flood insurance available for property owners.  To reduce flood insurance premiums and promote flood awareness, the Town also participates in the Community Rating System (CRS). 

Remember, the Planning Department is available to answer any questions you may have and may be reached at (252) 449-5318.

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