Repairs to Residential Refuse Carts

Does your residential refuse container need repairs? Our Solid Waste Division might be able to help!  First, call the Kill Devil Hills Public Services Department - 252-480-4080. With a property address and general description of the problem, we will have Solid Waste staff visit the site and inspect the container. Inspection will tell us if it is still under its 10 year warranty. If under warranty, we will make the warranty claim with the supplier. We generally have a stock of replacement parts and can complete the repair immediately. If we determine the container is no longer under warranty, a few things may happen:

Repairing Existing Containers

Step 1. If the repair is minor and not under warranty, the owner can visit the Central Cashier to purchase the repair parts at costs outlined in the fee schedule of the annual budget. Solid Waste staff can provide information on availability of repair parts during their inspection based on the manufacturer and age of the cart.

Step 2. When repair parts are purchased a work order is written for Solid Waste staff. This work order authorizes Solid Waste staff to pull the purchased parts from inventory and make the necessary repairs. Inspections and repairs are made once per week on Wednesdays (the normal non-collection day). 
Purchase New Container  
  1. Depending on the damage and costs for parts, the owner may decide to purchase a new container. 
  2. Depending on its age (and there are some over 30 years old!) parts may no longer be available; the container is obsolete and a new one may need to be purchased.

For the 2018/2019 fiscal year, the costs for residential refuse container replacement and replacement parts are:


Residential refuse container (new and replacement)


Residential refuse containers (overflow) (winter only)

Cost + 10% administrative fee

Residential refuse container replacement axle


Residential refuse container replacement lid


Residential refuse container replacement wheel