FEMA Regulatory Flood Maps


2016 Frequently Asked Questions on Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • Know Your Flood Zone
  • All properties are susceptible to flooding 
  • North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program. On this interactive site, property owners can locate and view their property in relation to identified flood zones in Kill Devil Hills.

Panel 9875
To the right are links to the FEMA-issued regulatory flood maps for the Town of Kill Devil Hills, with basic guides to the part of Town each covers.

North Carolina Flood-Risk Information

The State of North Carolina provides this website as a public service to the citizens of North Carolina. The Flood Risk Information System (FRIS) contains digitally accessible flood hazard data, models, maps, risk assessments and reports that are database driven. This site also provides geospatial base map data, imagery, LiDAR data, along with hydraulic and hydrologic models that is available for download and use. The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program has made every effort to insure accuracy of this information. Contact information for the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program is available at www.ncfloodmaps.com under the Contacts Menu or (919) 715-5711.

Panel 9874 - central west section of Town 

Panel 9875 - northwest section of Town 

Panel 9883 - southwest section of Town 

Panel 9884 - central section of Town 

Panel 9885 - northeast section of Town

Panel 9893 - southeast section of Town