What is the National Flood Insurance Program?


The National Flood Insurance Program was created by congress in 1968 to reduce the loss of life and property, and the rising disaster relief costs caused by flooding. The program was designed to achieve these goals by: 1) requiring that new and future substantially improved buildings be constructed to resist flood damages; 2) guiding future development away from flood hazard areas; and 3) transferring the costs of flood losses from the American taxpayers to floodplain property owners through flood insurance premiums. In recent decades, over 80 percent of disaster losses nationwide have been caused by floods. 

The NFIP is a voluntary program based on a mutual agreement between the federal government and the local community. Federally-backed flood insurance coverage is available to any property owner in return for mitigation of flood risks by community regulation of floodplain development. Flood insurance, and most types of federal financial assistance, such as mortgage loans and grants, are only available in those communities that adopt and enforce a floodplain management ordinance that meets or exceeds the minimum NFIP standards. These same standards must also be adhered to by all federal agencies under a Presidential Floodplain Management Executive Order. 

Click here to watch Kill Devil Hills' video on flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program.  
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Homeowners’ insurance will not cover flooding and flood related damage.
 Whether you rent or own property in Kill Devil Hills, whether you’re in a flood prone area or not, you need to buy flood insurance. The federal government offers low cost flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program – find out more at www.floodsmart.gov.

How recent legislative changes affect homeowner flood insurance.  This fact sheet provides an overview of the changes to flood insurance rates under the NFIP.  While the new law is implemented, policyholders are encouraged to maintain and keep their current flood insurance policies.  Allowing policies to lapse will leave policyholders unprotected. 

Flood insurance for businesses. Flood insurance rates for business properties in high-risk areas must reflect true risk.  This means that the subsidized rates that previously applied to some older business buildings will continue to be phased out.  This fact sheet provides an overview of the changes business owners should expect.  

Know your flood zone and how to protect your property against flooding. Check your flood zone at www.ncfloodmaps.com, on the FEMA-issued flood maps you can reach thru the column to the left, or stop by the Planning Department at KDH Town Hall, located at 102 Town Hall Drive. Being informed and prepared is the best defense against property loss!

Making a Flood Insurance Claim.  If you need to make a flood insurance claim you can find the FEMA publication at the Kill Devil Hills Planning Department or online at https://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program-publications  Contact your flood insurance agency before your repair.

Questions? The KDH Planning Department is here to help! Stop by at Town Hall 
or call 252-449-5318 for more information on flood insurance or storm event preparation.

The Town of Kill Devil Hills strongly encourages all residents and
property owners to purchase flood insurance.