Planning & Inspections Forms

Permit Applications

Commercial Site Plan Review Application

Residential Building Permit Application

Fee Schedule

Below is the 2020-2021 fee schedule for the Town. Included are development review and building permit fees which be used to estimate permitting costs for projects. 

2020-2021 Fee Schedule

Trade Affidavits

 - In any construction project where licensed professional work is required, this affidavit is required to be submitted as part of the process. This form can be used for multiple trades to include plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and gas piping.

Trade Affidavit

Owner Authorization Form

 - Whenever a contractor is acquiring a permit for a property owner, this form must be submitted.

Owner Consent Form

Non-Conversion Agreement

 - Whenever an area is enclosed below the regulatory flood protection level, this form must be submitted.

Non-Conversion Agreement 

Acknowledgement of Floodplain Regulations

Acknowledgement of Floodplain Regulations - AE, AO, Shaded X, and X Zones

Acknowledgement of Floodplain Regulations - VE Zone


 Please contact the Planning & Inspections Department at 252-449-5318 for more information.