Veterans Memorial/Info for Veterans

Dare County Veterans Advisory Council


The Veterans Advisory Council helps Dare County Veterans by serving as a liaison with the community in coordinating services and activities benefiting Veterans and their families. Members of the Veterans Advisory Council solicit information and provide updates about community based activities honoring Veterans. Meetings of the Veterans Advisory Council are open to the public.  For more information visit

"Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of the United States Central Command, this morning at 0300, we launched Operation DESERT STORM, an offensive campaign that will enforce the United Nation's resolutions that Iraq must cease its rape and pillage of its weaker neighbor and withdraw its forces from Kuwait. My confidence in you is total. Our cause is just! Now you must be the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm. May God be with you, your loved ones at home, and our Country." 
-- General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command, in a message to the command, 16 January 1991

In 1991 a group of community leaders coordinated construction and dedication of the Veterans Memorial on Veterans Drive, off Colington Road, in Kill Devil Hills. The site is nearly due south of the pilon on top of the Big Hill at Wright Brothers Monument. The original memorial includes 3 center stones, which commemorate the various branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the Lifesaving Service in which so many Dare County natives served, and 2 flanking stones, which commemorate individual Dare County veterans. At the conclusion of a parade dedicated to this country's armed services, and in particular the returning soldiers of Desert Storm, the Veterans Memorila was dedicated on Veterans Day in 1991. 

Recently, an individual stone was erected immediately east of the center of the memorial in honor of a fallen soldier from Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Each patriotic holiday the local Veterans of Foreign Wars group holds memorial services in honor of this country's veterans and armed services members.