Bicycling Smart Safety Tips

Encourage friends and family to visit the Town's website to review and learn about safety measures and laws affects bicyclists and pedestrians.  

The Bicycling Smart Safety Tips Slideshow may be seen by scrolling down the page.
Tips for Being a Safe Cyclist

Bicycling Smart Safety Tips Slideshow 

This slideshow was prepared by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to provide basic safety tips for bicyclists in our state. 

Road Safety Tips
Tips for Cyclists

  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. (General Statute 20-158)
  • There is no law that requires bicyclists to ride single file, nor is there a law that gives cyclists the right to ride two or more abreast. It is important to ride responsibly and courteously, so that cars may pass safely.
  • When riding at night, equip your bicycle with a front lamp visible from 300 feet and a rear reflector or flasher visible from a distance of 200 feet. Lights are required by law from sunset to sunrise and when there is insufficient light to clearly see a person on the highway 400 feet ahead. (General Statute 20-134.e)
  • Bicyclists and bicycle passengers under the age of 16 are required by law to wear a helmet securely fastened to their head by straps. The parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 16 cannot knowingly permit a child to break helmet laws. (General Statute 20-171.7b)
  • Bicycles are not required to ride on adjacent bicycle paths. When riding on the roadway, a bicyclist must ride in the same direction as traffic. They must ride in the right-hand lane and should ride as close as practicable to the right-hand edge of the highway. (General Statute 20-146a) Exceptions to this law are provided when the bicyclists are making the following maneuvers:
    • Passing another vehicle moving in the same direction (General Statute 20-146a.1)
    • Avoiding a dangerous obstruction (General Statute 20-146a.2)
    • Riding on a one-way street (General Statute 20-146a.4)
    • Preparing for a left turn. (General Statute 20-146e)
  • Bicyclists must yield the right-of-way and avoid colliding with pedestrians who are walking on a roadway, sidewalk, walkway, or in a crosswalk. Also, bicyclists should not pass a vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross the highway. (General Statute 20-173 and General Statute 20-174)
  • There is no law that prohibits wearing headphones when riding a bicycle; however, it is not recommended. It is important to use all your senses to ensure your safety when riding in traffic.