Recycled Glass Mulch

Glass mulch can be used in small amounts around potted plants to create sparkle and beauty. However, many people are also using it in larger quantities to create landscape designs that might otherwise be hard to achieve. 

This mulch is tumbled by the Dare County Public Works Department, Recycling Division and it doesn't have sharp or jagged edges, which makes it perfect for gardening. The patterns you can create are limited only by your imagination! 


Recycled glass is good for the environment. By using 1 person's trash, you keep it out of the landfills. Instead of a plain flowerbed, create visual works of art out of glass mulch. Mulch helps soil by regulating temperature and moisture. Glass mulch is probably more suitable for plants that grow best in sandy and rocky soils, but packing it loosely can make it adaptable to any environment or plant. 

Follow this link to more information about the Dare County Public Works Department,


The Kill Devil Hills Buildings and Grounds Division is using recycled glass mulch as public demonstration projects around the main building at 102 Town Hall Drive. Below is an example - crushed glass provides a decorative surround for the flagpole at 102 Town Hall Drive: 
Town Hall Flag Pole