Residential Curbside Recycling Program

Residential Curbside Recycling Program 

Collection of residential recyclables from the roadside is provided by Bay Disposal & Recycling. Recyclables may be co-mingled in a single roll-out container provided by the company. The monthly cost for this important service is $12.45 per cart, per month. Remember, this is a voluntary, subscription-type service that citizens can subscribe to by making arrangements through the company. Please call 252-491-5105 or check the 


Residential Curbside Recycling Service Renewed in KDH

        In the spring of 2019 the Town of Kill Devil Hills renewed its voluntary residential curbside recycling program agreement with Bay Disposal.  The term of the agreement is for five years, through April 2024.  Negotiations were conducted to develop terms of the agreement which were reasonable to both the Town, on behalf of its citizens who participate in the program, and the service provider.  

        One of the major points of discussion and negotiation was the monthly rates for collection of residential recycling from our participating citizens and property owners.  Bay Disposal originally requested a monthly fee of $14.31 per customer; however, this amount was negotiated down to $12.45 per customer, by the Town.  Bay Disposal had not implemented a rate increase for nearly eight years, and since 2011 the industry standard for recovered materials has become more demanding and higher quality materials are now required; it is more difficult to market recovered items.  

        The monthly cost of $12.45 per cart for residential customers will begin on August 1 and the Town encourages its citizens and property owners to participate in the voluntary recycling program to keep more materials out of landfill waste streams.  Kill Devil Hills customers are billed quarterly for this collection service.

        If you have any questions, please contact Bay Disposal by phone, 757-857-9700.