February 2016 - 60th Anniversary of the FD

Fire Truck Group
Proclamation Celebrating Kill Devil Hills' Fire Department's 60th Anniversary!

In 2016 the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department celebrates 60 years of service to the Town of Kill Devil Hills.  The following proclamation will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for adoption at the February 8th meeting which recognizes our Fire Department and this major anniversary. 

Past and current members of the Fire Department have been invited to the February 8th meeting of the Board of Commissioners to accept this proclamation on behalf of all who have served and continue to serve the citizens and visitors of the Town of Kill Devil Hills.


WHEREAS, a volunteer fire department was established in 1953 that served portions of the northern Dare County Outer Banks including Kill Devil Hills; and,

WHEREAS, on February 9, 1956 an Ordinance was unanimously adopted by the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners, which officially established the Kill Devil Hills Volunteer Fire Department; and,

WHEREAS, in 1982 the first paid Fire Inspector, Craig Clark, in Dare County was hired by the Town of Kill Devil Hills, which initiated our strong inspection community prevention program that continues to function so proficiently today; and

WHEREAS, in true Kill Devil Hills fashion throughout its history the Fire Department proudly set a high standard for quality of service and innovation that included:

  • Being the first department to address the needs for an aerial device in Dare County with the 1980 purchase of an American LaFrance Telesquirt with a 55-foot ladder and aerial Fire Stream, which combined an aerial device, pump, hose and a water thank that gave our Firefighters needed flexibility on the fire grounds that was not yet available to other departments in Dare County;
  • Utilizing the Fire Inspector to document apparatus, Fire Department responses, training, maintenance, and improvements made to the Kill Devil Hills water system, all in order to achieve the well-deserved ISO Rating of 4, which we maintain today;
  • Being the first in our area to contract for a part-time Fire Chief position, that in 1986 became the first full-time paid chief position held by William E. Gard;
  • Being the first Dare County Fire Department, on January 13, 1986, to add career personnel to our volunteer personnel, which created what is known as a combination fire department – thus allowing the KDH-FD the quick response of in-house personnel and the economy of qualified volunteer Firefighters;
  • Adding an in-house Ocean Rescue Division in 2001, which gave the department the multi-functional expertise to perform ocean patrol and rescue along with land-based emergency response; and,

WHEREAS,  today, the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department includes 21 paid employees, with a  Fire Chief,  Deputy Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, three Fire Captains, three Fire Sergeants, 11 Firefighters and one Administrative Specialist; the Volunteer Company includes 27 members; and

WHEREAS, all career and volunteer members belong to the unique, professional, modern, dedicated, caring, full-service fire and rescue team that meets the ever-growing and changing needs of our dynamic municipality;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners does hereby proclaim Tuesday, February 9, 2016, as the:

60th Anniversary of the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department

BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED by the Board of Commissioners, that all Kill Devil Hills Firefighters, career and volunteer, all Ocean Rescue Division responders, all Fire Support Group members, and all Fire Auxiliary personnel - all who remember the past and look forward to the department’s successes of the future are hereby especially recognized as Kill Devil Hills’ “Bravest,” this the 8th day of February 2016.