Mail Box Monday

On Thursdays, Kill Devil Hills typically posts a

"Throwback Thursday"

photo, story or other memento from our local KDH or Outer Banks history.  Received very well in the social media communities, Throwback Thursday has become a challenge to Town Staff to find information not previously used by others who also participate in this neat weekly message.  

On Monday's, the Town presents

"Mail Box Monday"

where one or two entries from the Little Red Mail Box journals are posted each Monday.  Sue Goodrich, whose idea the Little Red Mail Box was, loved the idea!  

We invite you to follow this link to Kill Devil Hills' Facebook page - there's always a lot of information on it, plus now you get the extra benefits of Mail Box Monday and Throwback Thursday!  Start your week off right by reading messages of hope left in the Little Red Mailbox. 
Little Red Mailbox