Finance and Tax

Michelle Snyder 2.2019
The first person you're likely to see at the Finance Department is Michelle Nichols. She welcomes people to the customer service/cashier window in the Finance Department. She accepts payments for utilities billings, building permits and zoning fees, sales - including dumpsters and roll-off containers, and even dog tag renewals.
The Finance and Tax Department plans, organizes, and directs all financial activities of the Town in accordance with state laws, local budget, and generally accepted accounting principles for local government.

The Dare County Tax Department is charged with billing and collection of property taxes.


To provide efficient and effective administration of the Town's various operations through centralized support functions including collections, accounts payable, purchasing, cash management, payroll, and financial reporting.

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Finance Department Customer Service Form


  • Administer the Town’s financial accounting system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable statutory requirements and provide accurate and timely financial reports. 
  • Look for ways to further automate accounting functions in order to streamline and operate more efficiently.
  • Maximize cash flow and investment earnings in accordance with Town policies and North Carolina General Statutes.
  • Monitor expenditures in accordance with budget and ensure cost-effective purchasing.


  • Billing and collection of privilege licenses for taxi operations and ABC Permits only
  • All cash receipting functions
  • Accounts payable and cash disbursements
  • Investments
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll
  • Debt issuances
  • Fixed asset administration
  • General liability and property insurance programs
  • Preparation of the annual operating budget and the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR)


  • Ensure that transactions are handled timely and accurately
  • Assist other departments with purchasing, budget compliance and financial reporting
  • Certify tax records for real estate transactions for closing attorneys
  • Sell dog tags for the Police Department Animal Control Division and accepts payments for other animal control-related fees
  • Accept payments for utilities (water, sewer) bills, building and zoning applications and permits