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Thank you for visiting our web page.  We appreciate your interest in learning more about the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department and our community.  We hope you will find this site informative as we strive to prevent any emergency before it occurs.  

Kill Devil Hills' Fire Department is a combination department protecting a coastal resort community.  We are proud of our ISO rating of 3!  Our staffing model consists of well-trained, dedicated career and volunteer professionals.  The duty crews, or career team members, are tasked with emergency response duties 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.  They handle daily workload operations and maintenance tasks to ensure the department is in a constant state of readiness.  Maintaining training requirements is also an important part of ensuring readiness, and ensuring safety requirements are met.  Our reserve firefighters - volunteers - provide the necessary additional staffing and are a vital part of our emergency response model.  This model is a balanced approach to meeting requirements for today's fire service.  

We invite you to visit the station, come on in and meet our duty crews.  Our team members will gladly show you around.  

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Town Code Reference 

To access portions of the Town Code relative to the Fire Department, click on this link:  Kill Devil Hills Town Code.  Use the table of contents on the left-side of the screen and click on Article IX, and then Chapter 95. Fire Prevention Ordinance.