Community Appearance Commission

Town Code

The CAC's purpose, as stated in the Town Code is:

(A) The Community Appearance Commission shall serve the Board of Commissioners in an advisory capacity. The Commission’s responsibilities may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

(1) Studying the visual needs of the town and recommending plans to carry out programs that will, in accordance with the powers herein granted, enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the town.

(2) Initiating, promoting and assisting in the implementation of programs of general community beautification in the town;

(3) Coordinating the activities of individuals, agencies and organizations, public and private, whose plans, activities and programs bear upon the appearance of the town;

(4) Preparing both general and specific plans for the improved appearance of the town. These plans may include the entire town or any part thereof, and may include private and public property. The plans shall set forth desirable standards and goals for the aesthetic enhancement of the town or any part thereof within its area of planning and zoning jurisdiction, including public ways and areas, open spaces and public and private buildings and projects;

(6) Participating in the implementation of the plans it develops.

(7) Formulating and recommending to the Planning Board and Board of Commissioners the adoption or amendment of ordinances, including the zoning code, subdivision regulations and other local ordinances proposing to regulate the use of property to enhance the appearance of the town;

(8) Directing the attention of town officials to necessary enforcement of any ordinance that may improve the appearance of the town;

(9) Seeking voluntary adherence to the standards and policies of the plans developed by the Community Appearance Commission;

(10) Promoting public interest in and an understanding of its recommendations, studies and plans;