Police Department

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The Kill Devil Hills Police Department is responsible for protecting the lives and property of our citizens and visitors.  Their work is carried out through a varied program of law enforcement, detection and prevention of crime and accidents, and planning and directing emergency response activities.  Our officers ensure that Kill Devil Hills is a well-protected town and we are proud of them, their professionalism, and their overall dedication to duty.   

The department currently has 31 employees who provide police and support services to our citizens and visitors.  Kill Devil Hills has a year round population of approximately 7,000 residents.  The population grows to approximately 40,000 during the summer months.  The Department is divided into four divisions:  Administration and Recordkeeping, Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Animal Control.  

How Are We Doing?


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The Kill Devil Hills Police Department, as part of, and empowered by, the community is committed to protecting the live, property and rights of all people.  Our mission is to reduce the incidence of crime, maintain order, and to enforce the law impartially, while working with the community to improve their quality of life.  Our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

Vision Statement

We, the Kill Devil Hills Police Department, are committed to providing the highest quality of police services to the people, who live, work and visit our town.  We will constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to enhance public safety with the goal of improving the quality of life within Kill Devil Hills, while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

Values Statement

Professionalism - We are committed to providing professional law enforcement services to the community by working in partnership with the community and each other to identify and resolve issues which impact public safety and the quality of life within our community. 

Respect We are committed to respecting individual rights, human dignity, the democratic process, and the value of all members of the community and the department.  We respect the laws that we are required to enforce, and we treat all people with respect, compassion and sensitivity, acknowledging the value of each Citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

Integrity- We are committed to nurturing the public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.  We expect to be held accountable for our actions, and we are open and honest in our dealings with the public.

DedicationWe are committed to excellence and strive to provide the highest quality of professional law enforcement service to the community with the ultimate goal of maintaining order, thereby enhancing the quality of life within the Town of Kill Devil Hills.  We are responsive to the needs of the community and constantly seek out innovative ways to meet the demands placed upon us as guardians of society. 

Excellence - We are committed to empowering our members and the community to resolve problems by creating an environment that encourages solutions that will address the needs of the community, now and in the future.  Our relationship with the community is that of a partnership, jointly working to solve problems.  We recognize the value of teamwork and employ it in our daily work in order to provide quality service to the community.