How will I know when I can come back to the Outer Banks?

Reentry after a storm may be restricted. Reentry will be announced as soon as the extent of damage to the county can be determined. Public safety is the utmost concern at this time. It may be several hours or many weeks.The Dare County Control Group, after reviewing damage assessment reports, will determine when it is safe to return. They will broadcast what areas will be open and who will be allowed to return (if using a staged reentry process).

For reentry information and updates tune into local news outlets, be sure to check DCEM’s website at:, and sign up to receive emergency alerts:

You can also sign up to be placed on the Town's electronic distribution list by emailing with your name and preferred email address. (Please note that the Town's electronic distribution list provides regular updates on Town happenings, meeting notices, capital improvement projects, upcoming special events, news, etc. You can ask to have your email removed at any time). 

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7. How will I know when I can come back to the Outer Banks?
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