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Seminole Street-Indian Drive-Apache Street Project

US 158 Sidewalks Improvement Project

Drainage Canal Rehabilitation NCDOT Canal - W. Landing Drive to W. First Street

2022-2023 Street, Drainage, and Right-Of-Way Improvements Projects

Durham Street-Croatan Hwy-Fifth Street Project

Capital Projects Update

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Third Street Improvements Recently Completed

Thank you to all who live, and frequently commute, along Third Street and its surrounding neighborhoods. The Town appreciates everyone’s patience as improvements were being made to the areas. Improvements include new sidewalks, pavement overlay, storm drainage advances, and water main replacement work. It’s been a large and timely project, and we know the road closures and work zones have not been anyone’s favorite thing to deal with, but the overall enhancements are well worth the wait! We are pleased to say that this much-needed project is now finished!

Again, thanks for your support and patience on this great project. 

Third Street area sidewalk and drainage improvementsThird Street area sidewalk and drainage improvements