2022 Beach Nourishment Project

Estimated Construction Start Date Announced for 2022 Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment Project

Weeks Marine, Inc. has provided the Town with a tentative construction timeline for the Beach Nourishment Project: June through Mid-July, a duration of about 25-35 days. 

 It is important to note that staging of equipment will take place before construction of the beach begins. During this equipment staging process, contractors will begin placing the distribution pipeline along the beach and putting heavy equipment—such as bulldozers, loaders and excavators—into place. 

 The estimated start date that has been provided is tentative and remains subject to change due to a variety of factors, including weather conditions, mechanical equipment issues and other variables. 

The most up-to-date information regarding specific construction dates and locations will continue to be communicated via MoreBeachToLove.com and the Town's website as it becomes available.

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The Beach Nourishment Project will be taking place from the northern Town line south to Windsong Way, and tapering from Windsong Way south approximately 1,000 feet to Prospect Avenue – which is approximately 2.6 miles of Kill Devil Hills. 

View a detailed project map which will be updated daily to show construction sites when the project begins.  

Residents and visitors will still be able to enjoy days at the beach even with the project taking place. Pipelines will be laid along the beach parallel to the shoreline outside of the construction ar\ea to allow sand to be pumped from the offshore borrow source onto the active construction site. This pipeline will be visible on the beach; however, sand ramps will be built over the pipeline in order to provide residents and visitors with safe and easy access to the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach-goers may notice the presence of bulldozers, loaders and excavators working on the beach where the project is underway. Approximately 1,000 feet of the beach will be directly impacted during construction at any given time. Small sections of the beach within the Town will be shut down for a short period of time in order to ensure public safety during construction operations. However, you will still be able to get to the beach and set-up your personal belongings to the north or south of the project zone. 

Depending on weather conditions, the contractor performing beach nourishment operations will typically work 24/7 until the project is complete. That being said, once a particular section of sand is pumped into place, that area will likely be re-opened for use within 24-48 hours. 

Patience is appreciated as these much-needed projects are completed—beach nourishment is vital to the future of Kill Devil Hills and the other towns and villages along the Outer Banks.

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Check out this video from CurrentTV which provides an overview of the numerous beach nourishment projects that are scheduled to take place throughout Dare County in 2022.

More Beach to Love - Highlighting 2022 Dare County Beach Nourishment Projects

In addition to providing general information about the upcoming projects, the video also highlights the website www.MoreBeachToLove.com, which will serve as an essential resource for residents, visitors and property owners who are searching for detailed information and updates about beach nourishment activities in their area.

MoreBeachToLove.com is a collaboration between Dare County and its municipalities that serves as a convenient and comprehensive guide to beach nourishment projects on the Outer Banks. For more information—including detailed project maps, a video gallery and an array of frequently asked questions.

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