Zoning Ordinance Update

Chapter 153 Zoning Ordinance Update

The Town of Kill Devil Hills has recently contracted with Stewart Engineering Community Planning group to perform a focused revision/update to Chapter 153 Zoning Code of the KDH Code of Ordinances. The purpose of the update to the Zoning Code is to improve overall structure, readability, and composition of the ordinance. Additionally, the update will focus on some revisions to reflect existing practices and revise regulation to meet Town goals and remove conflicts. Overall the revisions will create a user-friendly document and while incorporating current best practices on topics such as nonconformities, commercial site plan review, and redevelopment standards. The last adopted update to the Town Zoning Code was in 2001.

Ordinance Update Process


The ordinance update will include opportunity for public input along the way during public meetings including a public hearing prior to adoption. These meetings will be posted on the Town’s website and also on this page. Below you will find a general project timeline;

Project Timeline

*Subject to change



Do you have further questions or would like to discuss this project with a Staff member? Call 252.449.5318 or please contact Cameron Ray or Meredith Guns.

Meetings and Presentations

October 18, 2022 Planning Board meeting

Town of Kill Devil Hills Zoning Ordinance Update Presentation to the Planning Board