Animal Control

The Animal Control Division works to reduce violations of animal control related issues through education and enforcement of the Town Code. Their goal is to provide a safe and pleasant community environment for our residents and visitors where families and their pets can live together in a complementary and balanced manner.

Our Animal Control Division is a part of our Police Department. 

KDH Town Code Chapter 94: Animals

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Fun in the Sun: Rules and Safety Tips

Halt! Be Aware of the Salt! Dogs love to frolic in the ocean, but ingesting too much water during play time can be harmful, even deadly, for your furry friend.

Too Hot to Trot! If the asphalt and/or sand are too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it's too hot for your dog!  On hot days, take your dog for walks in the early morning and late evening. Keep them in the shaded grass areas as much as possible. 

Dogs on the Beach in Kill Devil Hills

Dogs are only permitted on the beach before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. (unless used to aid a person with disabilities) from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We love all dogs that live in and visit our town! This rule is to keep them safe and comfortable - our beach can become overwhelmingly crowded and the sand can be come scorching hot - enjoy moments on the beach with your dog during the time permitted.

If you encounter an issue with a dog on the beach, please contact our Animal Control Division at 252-480-4047.

Dog on the beach


Dog Licenses

Annual dog licenses are required for each canine over four months old. They should be renewed in January of each year. 

The cost of a KDH dog license is $5.00 per dog (if not spayed/neutered) or $2.50 per dog (if spayed/neutered). 

To obtain a license, complete the below form and either bring it to the cashier's window at the town hall or mail it to our finance department at P.O. Box 1719, KDH, NC 27948. If you are mailing it, you will need to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope so the tag can be mailed back.

Annual Dog License Registration Form

Along with the completed form and payment, a copy of rabies certificate and proof of spaying/neutering (if applicable) is required. 

Leash Laws

In Town, dogs may only be unrestrained if they are on their owner's property and under their owner's direct control.  

In Kill Devil Hills,   no person shall allow his dog to be unrestrained at any time that dog is not

   Every custodian of any dog on any public place shall immediately remove all feces deposited.

Clean-up Dog Waste

Your dog is too cute to pollute!

Please clean up after your pet. DOGI-POT stations with waste bags and trash cans are available throughout our town.

In need of a portable waste bag holder and bags? Stop by the Town Hall to get one. 

Lost & Found Pets

Dog sitting in the grass with its leash in its mouth

Have you found someone's pet?

Please make contact with Animal Control immediately, so that they can begin working on reunification, 252-473-3444.

Adopt your New Best Friend

View a list of adoptable animals through the Outer Banks SPCA.

Have you lost a pet? 

Call our Animal Control Division to see if they found your beloved family member, 252-480-4047. 

When Animal Control finds domesticated animals, they are searched for any identification/microchips to attempt to locate the owner. If no information turns up in their search, the animal is placed in the shelter on a seven-day stray hold (for domestic cats and dogs). 

Feral cats are held for three days before being transported the Dare County Animal Shelter. Feral cats are defined as cat that lives outdoors that avoids human contact.

Animal Control makes every attempt to reunite pets with their owners. They frequently scan over calls received by dispatch for lost animals to see if they recognize the description. 

Animal Control will also monitor the Outer Banks Lost and Found Pets Facebook page in an attempt to find the owner. 

When an owner comes forward to claim the animal they are required to provide proof that the animal is theirs 

Information on Keeping Chicken Hens

Chickens may be kept within the Town for the purpose of collecting eggs. Chickens may not be kept for meat production within the Town Limits. Chickens are the only livestock allowed within the Town limits. 

You must obtain a Chicken Permit to have chickens within the Town. 

Applications can be picked up at the KDH Police Departments (102 Town Hall Drive) at the front desk. After completion of the application Kill Devil Hills Animal Control and Kill Devil Hills Planning Department will review all material within the application. After approval of the application A $25.00 fee will be paid to obtain the permit. These permits are valid only on the property listed with in the application. If you move to another residence within the Town you must receive a new permit for that location before moving the chickens. The permit only allows 3-6 Hens, no roosters. 

Chicken Hens


Bird Sanctuary

Per our Town Charter, Kill Devil Hills has been declared a bird sanctuary. This means that no person shall shoot, destroy, or in any way harm birds within the corporate limits of the Town.

Wildlife in our Area

The Town has a vast species of wildlife that call Kill Devil Hills their home. If you are experiencing an issue with wildlife, please refer your concerns to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. The Town's Animal Control Division only works with domestic animals. 

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