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The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of the Town and providing a wide range of financial support services. Its mission is to support Town staff, policy makers and citizens by providing quality financial services and information to promote prudent decision making that maintains long-term financial stability.


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Budget Snapshot FY24Final

Click here for a downloadable/printable version of the budget snapshot for fiscal year 2024.

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Budget Information:

Every year the Town implements an operating budget. 

View the current Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Adopted Budget and a budget snapshot

How is it developed? Town departments carefully consider what they need to effectively and efficiently operate their offices. Some budget items that each department may consider are personnel costs, equipment, capital improvements, and other projects. At the beginning of the calendar year, requests are submitted to the Finance Department by each Town department for the coming Fiscal Year (Fiscal years run from July 1 - June 30). 

The Finance Department compiles the submitted requests and analyzes the expected income, which is based from projected revenues; this is then submitted to the Town Manager who is the acting Budget Officer for review. 

Once reviewed, by the Budget Officer, a recommended budget is presented to the Board of Commissioners for their consideration. The Board of Commissioners holds several worksessions and meetings, and advertises these with notices so that the public can attend and share any comments as well. Once the Board of Commissioners adopts the budget, the Finance Department publishes and executes it. 

Where do the revenues come from? Revenues come from Federal/State grants, property tax, occupancy, land transfer, and sales taxes,  permit fees, site plan fees, water and septic fees, ABC/mixed beverage fees, business registrations, and other miscellaneous items such as dog licenses and beach driving permits. 

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Business Registration:

Are you looking to start a business in Town or do you have a long standing business? If so, be sure you register your business annually with our Finance Department. 

Business registration forms are available at the cashier's counter, 2nd floor of Town Hall, and they may be mailed, faxed or emailed to you by calling 252-449-5338.

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Property Taxes:

The Dare County Tax Department is charged with billing and collection of property taxes. Their office may be contacted at 252- 475-5952.

Property taxes are based on the "value" of your property as determined at least every eight years by the Dare County Tax Assessor's Office. 

The county is required to develop and use standards, rules and procedures that are applied equitably to similar types of  properties. These standards are developed based on market value transactions that have occurred within the county, construction costs, and analysis of conditions affecting our local market prior to the date of the most recent countywide reappraisal. The assessed value of your property, established as a result of the revaluation, should represent the price a typical buyer would be willing to pay for the property in its condition, on January 1 of the year of the most recent countywide reappraisal, which was January 1, 2020.

View a list of FAQs on the county's website.

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