Town Code


To access the Kill Devil Hills Town Code, click this link to visit the Town Code site, which is hosted by American Legal Publishing:

                                                                      Kill Devil Hills Town Code

Please select the links below to view recent ordinance amendments that have been adopted but are not yet codified into the Town Code

16-1 Chapter 93 - Nuisances  Authorizing the Town to proceed with remedying nuisance conditions without a court order once violator status is determined and notification is given.

16-2 Ordinance adopting the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Budget for the Town of Kill Devil Hills

16-3 Capital Project & Capital Reserve Budget Ordinance

16-4 Chapter 30 - Board of Commissioners Permitting the sale of of malt beverages, unfortified wine, fortified wine, and mixed beverages within Kill Devil Hills' corporate limits on Sundays beginning at 10:00 a.m.

16-5 Chapter 152 - Subdivisions and Chapter 153, Zoning Amending lot sizes to tracts of 5 acres or larger in the Low Density Residential Zones, providing a minimum lot size of 7,500 square feet.
16-6 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.002 Definitions and §153.207(A) Light Industrial Two Zone, Conditional Uses, Workforce Housing – to clarify that eligible projects can be developed without taking advantage of a density bonus, and reassign monitoring agency

16-7 Chapter 50. Garbage – Sections 50.15 Waste Collections and Containers and 50.19 Placement and Pick Up Schedules - to provide property owners, designers and the development community with specific requirements for waste containers

16-8 Chapter 90. Abandoned and Junked Vehicles – Section 90.02 Definitions – to change and update the definition of Junked Vehicle

16-9  Designating Property Known as Reisse Cottage and Located at 2807 North Virginia Dare Trail as a Local Historic Landmark

16-10  Designating Property Known as Coggins/Lassiter Cottages and Located at 501 South Virginia Dare Trail as a Local Historic Landmark

16-11  Ordinance Enacting and Adopting Supplement #15 to the Code of Ordinances  

16-12 Chapter 30. Boards and Committees - Section 31.20 - eliminating term limits on Community Appearance Commission

16-13 Chapter 153. Zoning - Sections 153.210 (C)(1) & 153.207(A) - eliminating density bonus and modifying density unit of measure in the LI-2 Zoning District

16-14 Town Manager’s Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year 2018/2019

16-15 Proposed System Development Fees (SDF) Analyses for the Water and Wastewater Systems

16-16  Chapter 51.  Water Service – to amend this ordinance by removing all reference to initial hook-up fee and replace same with new terminology, system development fee

16-17 Chapter 52.  Sewer Service – to amend this ordinance to assure compliance with Chapter 51 and further to update this ordinance to reflect current standards

16-18 Chapter 153, Zoning, Section 153.117(A) Low Density Residential Zone Conditional Uses—remove multi-family dwellings as a Conditional Use

16-19 Chapter 153, §153.002 Definitions, §153.096(L) Ocean Impact Residential Zone Permitted Uses, §153.076(FF) Commercial Zone Permitted Uses, and create a new section, §153.290 Cottage Court - to modify existing definition of Cottage Court, add Cottage Court as a Permitted Use and create associated regulations for Cottage Court

16-20 §153.120 Site Requirements, Residential Low Zone - to add pervious permeable pavement lot coverage reduction calculation

16-21 §153.002 Definitions, and §153.076(D) Off-Street Parking and Loading, Table of Parking Requirements – to define Brewery and create a parking standard for Breweries as a secondary use to restaurants